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Welcome !


Better live your computer...


In Lisbon, I often met some people in need when they had to find help for a quick answer to a problem. It seemed to me wise to create this site of educational and informational content.

It aims to direct those seeking information about the practice and theory of digital culture.

Here do not be surprised to find often the world of free software, one that most people do not or very little, but which remains the only place where one can learn, share, and remain free choices in software (Free softwares), including using the operating system GNU / Linux.

Far from complete, this site will take you to other Web sites, to articles, to news, to programs, to online courses, etc. ... so you have access to a database that will allow you to reach information quickly using its search engine.

New sources will be added over time.

Finally, for those in need, I offer training, assistance and troubleshooting.